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The Old Guard

We have been around since 199 so in thats time we have seen some beautiful stud stand at our kennel.

Some have moved on to other Kennels, or retired and some sadly are not with us anymore.

This page is dedicated to our past stud dogs and thie offspring

Galfrid Grant of Gunfield

Grant was our first stud dog he cam to us from the late Angela boys and her Galfrid Kennel
Grant was a great little working dog with a lovely placid nature.

Sadly Grant died aged 8 from cancer.

INT HUN SH & GR SVK CH Sugar Baro of Gunfield (Imp Hun)

Berci`s copious show winning speak volumes about the quality of this boy.

conformation, temperament and natural ability all rolled together in on gorgeous dog

Berci died at the grand old age of 13.

BiH CH Pitypang Oporto of Gunfield

Oprto cam to us from the pitypang Kennel in Hungary he was show out in Europe and worked her with us.
A very tallented working dog with a super nature.

Sadly Oporto died aged 9 from the Alabama Rot

Vadaszfai Nador of Gunfield (Imp Hun)

Nador came to use from Hungary a tremendous dog with ability across the board

Nador  retired from breeding in 2017
Nador is now happily living in a pet/working home.


Parasztai Parazs Castor of Gunfield


Castor is a super working boy imported from Hungary,  he produced some wonderful puppies while with us.
Castor is now retiured from stud work and living as a working gundog/pet.

Paradox Hunt N for Gunfield (imp USA)

Joska was one in a million he bought some true qualities to the breed, his sound nature, kind heart , health and conformation.
He is truley missed by us but lives on in his offspring.