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Iddex Testing and results

We recommend those travelling to us test for ovulation to cut out wasted trips
A bitch will only mate and concieve when she is fertile sadly this is not something we can control by using the Iddex test which is available

Your vet or vet nurse can take the blood sample required and you can ship it special delivery making it efficient.

You can do the first progesterone test on around the 8th day of her season.

Possible reults are-

Below 1.0 ng/ml (3.18nmol/L)  - 2.0 ng/ml (6.36nmol/L) - test again in 2  days

2.0(6.36nmol/L) to 4.9 ng/ml (12.72nmol/L) Test again in 24 hours until you achieve 5.5ng/ml or above

5.0 (15.9nmol/L) -5.5ng/ml (17.4nmol/L) OVULATION- BREED IN 2-3 Days time

11(34.9nmol/L) to 19 ng/ml(60.4nmol/L) - ACTION - BREED NOW

OVER 20 ng/ml(63.6nmol/L) - Ovulation has finished if receptive breeding can take place but chances are reduced.