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Dog breeding and the Law

Anyone who breeds a litter of puppies and sells puppies from the litter is classes as a dog breeder even if the litter is a one off or accidental or a pairing of two x bred dogs.

If you are breeding a litter and making a profit or you breed more than 2 litters in a 12 month period you need a license 

Local councils have varying policies with regard to licensing you should find your local council here and check your councils policy.

You will be required to show the councils nominated vet or inspector-

A vet or other inspector will visit and want to see that your dogs:

  • live in suitable accommodation
  • receive adequate food, water and bedding
  • get enough exercise
  • are transported in safe and comfortable conditions
  • are protected in case of fire or other emergency
  • are protected from the spread of disease

In wales the limit is three litters.


Dog Breeding and Tax

Any additional income should be declared to the tax man, dog breeding is no exception.

Breeders should keep receipts for their expenditure related to breeding as these should be taken into account when accessing any profit that may have been made from the sales of puppies.

In some cases costs run right back to the original purchase of your bitch , her days to day expenses on top of any breeding related expenses.

I would always suggest keeping accurate records for a period of six years should you be required to produce them.