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Health Test


Where is this availableAcceptable resultMandatory

Hip scoring


This is an x-ray performed by your own vetThe average  score is  currently 12 ideally scores should be even and low perfect being 0/0 with the worse score being  53/53   Yes

Elbow scoring


This is an x-ray performed by your own vetThe score should be 0 , scores of 1 can be used for breeding to a 0 provided there is no familiar history of ED        No



This is an eye test to test for primary Glaucoma it is performed by a BVA panelist a list of panelist can be found here 

Unaffected 0 , 1 and mildly affected  2 can be bred from
when breeding from a 2 only consider unaffected partners.


Cerebellar Ataxia


This is a DNA cheek swab provided by the Animal Health Trust

Carriers must only be bred to a clear.

Affected are not for breeding 

Audible Heart Check  Your Vet will listen to your dogs heart for a minute plus and report any murmurs present  Dogs with Heart Murmurs should not be bred from        No
Dentition check Your vet will check your dogs teeth for malocclusions Dogs with incorrect dentation should not be bred from     No